Jesus' Birthday 2015

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On Friday evening, August 21st, 2015

The Urantia Book Society of Oklahoma invites you

to celebrate Jesus’ 2021st Birthday

With guest speaker Marvin Gawryn

“Worship: Resting in God with Love”

at The Parish in the Plaza District

Dinner at 6 pm

Program at 7:30 pm


On Saturday the 22nd

A Day Long Exploratory Seminar

“Toward a Broader Socialization of Our Religion”

Jesus asked his followers to dedicate their lives

to the regeneration of all humankind.

We will explore passages in the revelation

that project the outlines of such a movement.

at Unity Fellowship Hall

9:30 to 5 including lunch


On Sunday the 23rd

Brunch & Reflection

10 am at Eudaley’s