Dissemination Contest

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The Urantia Book Fellowship has a vision for dissemination–to become the organization that will serve those mighty servants who will uplift the children of God and this planet by sharing the fact, truth, and teachings of this great revelation.

In the desire to continue, the UBF’s  dissemination initiative is searching for other member projects to support. We will be offering a $3000.00 award for the winning project!

If you, your local Society, or study group is working on a dissemination/outreach project and would like help reaching your goal, then go towww.fellowshipinthefield.com and fill out an application form. Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2015. The winning project will be chosen by the General Council at it’s annual meeting at the Summer Study Session(get dates).

If you need help putting a proposal together please contact your Membership Committee Chairperson at lara10@bellsouth.net. The committee will be glad to help.

Go to www.fellowshipinthefield.com for all the details & good luck!