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SSIV on Cosmic Citizen Radio Changed again for the Last time

SSIV Presenters and friends,

It has been a comedy of errors to get the date right for our show on blogtalkradio.

Snafus have been abundant, but I have the final word from Christilyn Biek that we will be on tomorrow at 10:00 Mountain time.

Hope you can join us, we have two hours to fill which will be awesome.

Tom Allen
Program Chair SSIV


If you wish to call and speak call in at 646-716-8158 make sure you press 1 to speak to the host - if you don't press 1 she will think you are just listening to the show via your phone rather than waiting to speak. Which is FINE if you are just listening. If you are just listening on the phone, do mute the phone while you listen.

WHEN you are having a group of people calling in to talk about their presentations, it is a good idea to stagger the callers - say every 15 or 20 minutes throughout the 2 hour show - they can be waiting on the line to listen to the show but have them press 1 at the designated time for them to talk if they are scheduled to talk about their topic. That 2 hours goes by very quickly when you have a lot of people on the air and a lot of topics you hope to cover. It is a good idea to have an outline prepared so you get through all the most important things first. Trust me, that 2 hours feels like 20 minutes when you are enthusiastic about your material.  We are always amazed at how fast that 2 hours goes by and we are once again at the end of our show.

Good Luck and welcome to The Cosmic Citizen - we are not always this disorganized!!! I just lost track of the calendar.


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SSIV Date Change on Cosmic Citizen Radio


Communication mix-ups have made one last change in the Cosmic Citizen Radio Program on the SSIV.

We will have our show on this Saturday, June 24th and not next weekend.

I'm so sorry for the confusion. I do hope you will join us tomorrow for a fascinating show.

(111:6.1) Many of the temporal troubles of mortal man grow out of his twofold relation to the cosmos. Man is a part of nature—he exists in nature—and yet he is able to transcend nature. Man is finite, but he is indwelt by a spark of infinity. Such a dual situation not only provides the potential for evil but also engenders many social and moral situations fraught with much uncertainty and not a little anxiety.

So true,

Tom Allen

Program Chair SSIV


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SSIV on Cosmic Citizen Radio


The Cosmic Pilgrim Radio Program about SSIV is confirmed to be on next Saturday July 1st. Put it in your calendar.

I hope you all can join into the discussions about SSIV, science, religion and philosophy which will make this an entertaining show.

The show airs live on Saturday July 1st at 10 am Mountain time. You can join the show to listen and/or comment by calling 646-716-8158. You can also tune in live to listen and join the live chat at www.blogtalkradio.com/cosmiccitizen.


Tom Allen

Program Chair SSIV


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SSIV on Cosmic Citizen Radio

SSIV friends,


I have not as of this writing confirmed with the producers of the Cosmic Citizen Radio program that I will be on the show about SSIV this Saturday, June 24, or July 1st. But it will be one of those dates.


I hope you all can join into the discussions about science, religion and philosophy which will make this an entertaining show. I will post again as soon as I know something.


The show airs live on Saturdays at 10 AM Mountain time. You can join the show to listen and/or comment by calling 646-716-8158. You can also tune in live to listen and join the live chat at www.blogtalkradio.com/cosmiccitizen.


Tom Allen


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First Printing Urantia Book Project


Larry Mullins is involved with the noble effort to preserve the first printing of the Urantia Book. 

If you would like to help out this worthy venture, here is the link to find out more about it:

Reprinting the First Edition of the Urantia Book

Tom Allen

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Turkish Translation

Karen, please relay this message to your Society:


We are happy to share the good news that as of today, 1808 pages of The Urantia Book have been translated into Turkish, leaving only 288 pages to be done.  We need about $6,500 to complete the work and have developed a new website that you can use to contribute, if you choose -  www.urantia.NYC/TTRindex.HTML#TTRhelp.  So many of you have helped us reach this place.  We are incredibly grateful for your participation.  If you would like to  continue working with us on this project, please log into the website and give whatever you are able.  We look forward to being able to announce its completion at IC ‘ 17. 

Come and join us in this important work.  We welcome your help.

Call me with any questions:  Eileen Laurence, 914-584-7584

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Peace Festival

We will have a Urantia Book booth at the Peace Festival, Saturday, November 14 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  It is at the OKC Civic Center in the Hall of Mirrors.  Let me know if you want to schedule a time to be at the booth.

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JJ is Coming This Weekend



A dear friend and long time Urantia Book reader, J.J. Johnson will be in town this upcoming weekend. He arrives Saturday Night and he'll attend class on Sunday and most likely head up north to Colorado either Monday or Tuesday. J.J. is amazing! He authored the book, "Up Close and Personal with the Urantia Book,"Up Close and Personal with the Urantia Book - Expanded Edition: JJ Johnson: 9780979592621: Amazon.com: Books







Up Close and Personal with the Urantia Book - Expanded Edition: JJ Johnson: 9780979592621: A...
This Expanded Edition of Up Close completes my philosophical description of The Urantia Book's holistic character by adding the new chapter relating science with religion - The COSAR Principle - A Revelatory Proposition. The Coordination of Science and Religion (COSAR) as reveale...


View on www.amazon.com

Preview by Yahoo



and spends most of his time thinking, reading, researching, and living all things Urantia. Many years ago when I was just getting to know him, he drove a clothing truck from Phoenix to Tucson. He painted the rear door in huge (take up the whole back end) "The Urantia Book, you've GOT TO READ IT!


He's held many interesting jobs throughout his life, one of which was he worked for Condolezza Rice in the State Department.


Here's a link to some of his Urantia related videos: JJ Johnson








JJ Johnson
TheCosmicAge - Channel 2 videos Remember your true identity and realize your access to cosmic consciousness.


View on www.youtube.com

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Hope you can join us Sunday and welcome JJ to Oklahoma.


Lovingly . . . Karen

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Dissemination Contest

The Urantia Book Fellowship has a vision for dissemination–to become the organization that will serve those mighty servants who will uplift the children of God and this planet by sharing the fact, truth, and teachings of this great revelation.

In the desire to continue, the UBF’s  dissemination initiative is searching for other member projects to support. We will be offering a $3000.00 award for the winning project!

If you, your local Society, or study group is working on a dissemination/outreach project and would like help reaching your goal, then go towww.fellowshipinthefield.com and fill out an application form. Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2015. The winning project will be chosen by the General Council at it’s annual meeting at the Summer Study Session(get dates).

If you need help putting a proposal together please contact your Membership Committee Chairperson at lara10@bellsouth.net. The committee will be glad to help.

Go to www.fellowshipinthefield.com for all the details & good luck!

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Urantia University

UrantiaUniversity Institute 


New free online class

An Overview of Part II
of The Urantia Book

Starts  Friday, February 13
Ends Friday, March 13, 2015

Andre Radatus, Elisabeth Callahan, 
David Glass, Michael Dunkin

Early Bird Registration


now open to current & previously enrolled students!



Class Description


A local universe is the arena where spiritual evolution occurs on the material and morontial levels of existence.  In this introductory class on Part II of The Urantia Book, we will explore the origin and structure of our Local Universe of Nebadon and learn about some of the wide-ranging orders of personal beings who teach and minister to the ascending mortals from the inhabited worlds of space. 


We will discover that our local universe and all the universes of space and time are remarkably well-ordered, efficiently administered, and superbly coordinated in order to advance and support the Paradise ascension scheme of mortal spiritual progression.


For more details about this class, click here



Class Format & Goal


Students in UrantiaUniversity Institute online classes explore The Urantia Book through reading assignments, learning exercises, instructional videos, class discussions, meditation themes, and live webinars. The purpose of all this education is to foster the growth of personal religious experience and a life of loving service to the family of God. 


For more information about UrantiaUniversity, click here




§  The online classroom is open 24/7 to registered students

§  Classes are asynchronous, meaning there are no fixed times that students must attend class, except for live webinars

§  Attendance is flexible – at a time that’s convenient for you

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