Jesus Birthday

Jesus Birthday Celebration

Here is the flyer for our Jesus birthday celebration. 




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SSIV Presenters Request


    The Scientific Symposium IV is jut around the corner. We still have a few presentation slots to fill, so if you are coming August 18-21, please let me know if you have a topic of scientific interest to present at the conference. These are the topics already accepted: Ultimaton speculations, health and nutrition, eclipse science, superuniverse speculations, fourth triunity, science of spirituality. Bring forth the best of your spirituality and scientific knowledge. 

    Artists are invited to provide 10 minute garden watering relief between the scientific dry sands of knowledge with poetry, dance and music.

Tom Allen Program Chair, SSIV


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Jesus Birthday 2016 in OKC

          On Sunday afternoon, August 21st, 2016

           The Urantia Book Society of Oklahoma invites you

            to celebrate Jesus’ 2022st Birthday

            With guest speaker Charles Olivea

             Jesus and the Art of Living:

             Doing the Father’s Will and “Never Being in a Hurry”

              at The Parish in the Plaza District

               Dinner at 1:00 pm

                Program following


Sunday study group at 8:00 pm

Readings & Reflections


Cabot Eudaley


Jesus 2021st Birthday Celebration, August 21st, 2015

We had a wonderful celebration. We were fortunate to hear "Birthday Party for a King" sung by Bill Allen with Tom Allen on guitar, songs from Terry Pursell including a rendition of "The Outlaw" from Larry Norman and Marvin Gawryn led us in guided meditation in his presentation, "Worship: Resting in God with Love". Here is the program.

Here's a picture of our Friday night group:

On Saturday, Marvin led about a dozen of us in a seminar on "Toward a Broader Socialization of Our Religion". We worked from a handout in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We finished the weekend with Sunday brunch.


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Jesus' Birthday 2015

On Friday evening, August 21st, 2015

The Urantia Book Society of Oklahoma invites you

to celebrate Jesus’ 2021st Birthday

With guest speaker Marvin Gawryn

“Worship: Resting in God with Love”

at The Parish in the Plaza District

Dinner at 6 pm

Program at 7:30 pm


On Saturday the 22nd

A Day Long Exploratory Seminar

“Toward a Broader Socialization of Our Religion”

Jesus asked his followers to dedicate their lives

to the regeneration of all humankind.

We will explore passages in the revelation

that project the outlines of such a movement.

at Unity Fellowship Hall

9:30 to 5 including lunch


On Sunday the 23rd

Brunch & Reflection

10 am at Eudaley’s

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